Customised Orthotics & Force Plate Analysis

A Customised Orthotic is a Neutral or Blank device with certain accommodations (wedges/domes/lifts) added to it.

Walking or standing on a force plate can be used to evaluate some aspects of foot function, but a force plate cannot capture the 3D impressions of your feet that are necessary for best outcomes - the patient is asked to walk across a force plate that shows pressure distribution on a computer display. This 2D data is used to produce a 3D product where the shape of the foot is selected from a library of images or predicted by a computer program. Sadly, patients are often told that these are Custom Made Orthotics and charged as such.

Authentic Custom Orthotic Devices require a 3D mould of your foot, using plaster, foamboxes or a non-weightbearing optical scan must be taken.

We offer the French Sidas Podiatech sytem as a mid price range product for general use, made onsite. These are very popular as they are formed from a 3D mould to ensure a congruent fit.