Your Pain Assessment
Will Orthotics Help Your Pain?

At your initial pain assessment Chris or Lindsay will take a full medical case history to ensure you are safe to be treated and that Orthotic intervention is an appropriate treatment for your symptoms of pain.

The next stage is an examination that usually includes watching you move and feeling the quality and ranges of movement of your tissues and joints. We will usually then carry out a gait assessment, this may involve you walking / running on a treadmill whilst rear and side view cameras capture how your body and lower limbs move. Using 'Dartfish' technology we will then analyse your movement patterns and discuss the various options available to you.

Options range from trying footwear (neutral, stability and motion control) and pre-moulded orthotics right up to the top of the range Pegasus and Langer Custom made Orthotics.

It is often the case that we will advise you to trial cheaper orthotics to ensure that orthotic intervention is suitable avoiding any unnecessary expense for you.